Quitting the Day Job

This is the post excerpt.

For as long as I can remember, I have envied the successful, self-employed artists – the musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers and writers.  Setting my own hours,  working in my home office or studio and creating something beautiful to share with the world sounds very appealing.

This year, I will reach a milestone – 60 years in this life…with this mind…with these dreams of living creatively… of quitting my day job, living somewhere on the Pacific Northwest Coast and writing.  It’s time to use the tools I have collected over these 60 years to realize these dreams.


Nature’s Bling

via Daily Prompt: Shimmer

When I hear or see the word “shimmer,” my first thoughts are of things that are shiny – like glitter, costume jewelry, metallic paint on hot rod cars, etc.  In middle school, my daughter went through a phase  where everything about her shimmered – her purse, her clothes, her makeup (what little I would allow her to wear) – even her school supplies shimmered.  Now, she and I have opposite tastes on many things, which makes for a perfectly healthy mother/daughter relationship, but at no time in my life have I been attracted to commercialized, artificially shimmery stuff.  As far as my personal style goes, less is more.  My closets are filled with black and white outfits.  Black and white shoes. I like matte finish on makeup, photos, business cards – pretty much a plain jain.

So today, I ask myself, do I like anything that shimmers? And the answer is yes. I like nature’s bling – the early morning sun shimmering on the dew covered grass as I walk my little dog.  The late afternoon light as it hits a quiet lake or babbling stream. The glistening of freshly fallen snow on a sunny winter’s day.

And my favorite shimmer – the light in their eyes when my kids or students are telling me about something exciting that’s happening in their lives. That shimmer of excitement on human beings’ faces when they discover that they can accomplish something that didn’t seem possible just moments earlier – that’s my favorite shimmer.





My entire life (almost 60 years, now) I have been in lust with something.  My happiness was so important to my sweet mother, that she fed me brown sugar and butter sandwiches after preschool everyday.  That started a real lust affair with sugar.  At the age of 17, my best friend introduced me to Strawberry Hill wine. That was the beginning of another 15 year affair.  At 31, with two children under the age of two and newly sober,  I fell in lust with life and being the best mom…the best person I could be.  Thank God for sobriety.

I had always wanted to go to college, so at 37, I did.  That was pretty cool. I became obsessed with learning (and I have the student loans to prove it).  But, eventually, I was able to land a job at a community college where now, I get to help new students nourish their lusts for life and learning.

And just recently, I have rediscovered a long lost lust for writing.  Seems I can’t wait to get to my laptop every morning, these days.  That’s pretty cool, too…but I still think about sugar a lot 🙂